Business Checking Accounts

Checking That Works as
Hard as Your Business

Business Checking Accounts

Affinity offers versatility when choosing the right checking account for your business needs. You can choose between the Business Basics Checking and the Business Performance Checking accounts.  

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Business Basics Checking

Great for small to medium-sized businesses that fulfills all of your basic banking needs. 

  • 100 free transactions1
  • No minimum deposit requirements
  • No minimum balance requirements

Business Performance Checking

A business analysis checking account that's ideal for businesses with high transaction volume and higher balances. 

  • Optimal for larger businesses with more complex cash management service needs such as ACH Transactions, Remote Deposit Capture and Positive Pay. 
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Earn a competitive earnings credit to offset monthly maintenance and transaction fees. 

Affinity Visa® Business Debit Access Card

Debit Card

The Affinity Visa® Business Debit Access card makes it easy to access your Affinity business checking accounts: get cash, make deposits, check balances, and transfer funds between linked deposit accounts.

  • Convenience
  • Automatic Savings2
  • Security & Protection

Online Solutions

Online solutions

Affinity makes it easy to manage your business accounts with free online banking and cash management tools. You have the option to choose to access your accounts via Online Banking or Online Business Banking, or both depending on the needs of your business.

  • Initiate wire transfers and create templates for repetitive wires
  • Make and collect ACH payments
  • Monitor account activity and receive alerts
  • Stop payment on range of checks
  • Export data to QuickBooks® or Quicken®

1 After 100 transactions, there is a fee of $0.20 per transaction.

2  Visa SavingsEdge is an automated discount program offered by Visa U.S.A. Inc. to eligible businesses and their authorized cardholders that hold an eligible Visa Business card and whose enrollment in the program is accepted by Visa. Under the program, cardholders can receive discounts from participating merchants each time the cardholder uses an enrolled Visa Business card to make qualifying purchases of goods or services pursuant to an active discount offered by the merchant and that transaction is processed or submitted through the Visa payment system (a "Qualifying Purchase"). Visa may modify, restrict, limit or change the program in any way and at any time. Visa reserves the right at any time to cancel the program. Visa also reserves the right to suspend or cancel any cardholder's participation in the program. Enrolled cardholders will only receive discounts for qualifying purchases that are in full compliance with the terms of the applicable discount offer. Discount offers may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Discount offers may be removed from the program at any time and are subject to availability. Discount offers are also subject to any applicable law or regulation that may restrict or prohibit certain sales. Discounts will not appear on a cardholder's receipt at the point of sale. Discounts are provided in the form of credits posted to the cardholder's applicable Visa Business card account. Please visit for complete details on the program, including the program terms and conditions.